The Patronage in History


Created by Mirae Kim

Welcome to the Patronage Stories

Wealthy patrons have always supported great scholars in history. For example, modern science could never have developed as it did without the insightful support of often-unknown patrons who detected talented thinkers and enabled them to survive and work.

Supporting Genius

Impacts of Patronage

Negative (Kepler, Bacon)
Positive (Vesalius)

Funding from Academia

Commissions & Other Support

Medici Family


About the Exhibit

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This exhibit is sponsored by the Posner Center, founded by the Posner Family.

Posner Center (under the auspices of the Posner Fine Arts Foundation) selects a student intern to create an exhibit, based on a theme that the student has proposed.

The great opportunity came to me this time and I have explored my curiosity about the role of patronage in the history of scholarship and art. I learned that many great works in history could not have been made without the support of generus patrons.

About the Internship

The Posner Fine Arts Foundation funds internships for Carnegie Mellon students to do individual research in the Posner Memorial Collection and prepare exhibits.

The student completes a one-semester internship of 15 hours per week spent researching and creating an exhibit in collaboration with faculty and/or librarians. The internship, open to undergraduates and graduate students, is available as a non-credit/credit program. Students who wish to earn academic credit must gain permission from their academic department and/or school before the internship begins. The intern should have a faculty advisor.

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