Bible. Latin. 1478. Vulgate. Biblia Latina. Nuremberg, Anton Koberger, 14th April, 1478 (Koberger's third edition). Folio with 77 illuminated initials, 468 leaves, gothic type, double columns, 51 lines, rubricated. Bound in full morocco by Hagué (of Paris and Brussels) about 1850 in the style of French renaissance bindings with the arms of Francis I and with silver clasps and bosses. Decorated and gauffered top, bottom and fore edges.

"Anton Koberger (1440-1513) was a printer and entrepreneur of Nuremberg. He began printing about 1470, his first dated book being Alcinous's Disciplinarum Platonis epitome, 1472. He printed Bibles, philosophical and theological works. By 1509 he had 24 presses, yet so extensive was his business that he had to commission other printers. He also had a bindery for completing books sold locally. He exported books in sheets. He was one of the most enterprising publishers of the day with sales outlets in Budapest, Cologne, Frankfurt, Lyons, Paris, Vienna and Warsaw." (Glaister's Glossary of the Book, 2nd ed. revised, p. 268).

This is a fine copy of one of Koberger's bibles. His best known production, the Liber Chronicarum (also known as Die Weltchronik or The Nuremberg Chronicle) by Hartmann Schedel (1495) is also in the Posner Memorial Collection.


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