Establishment of the Posner Memorial Collection

The last recorded purchases for the collection were made in 1973. Mr. Posner died on Thanksgiving Day, 1976. The Posner Memorial Collection was formally deposited in the Fine and Rare Book Room of Hunt Library by his son, Henry Posner Jr. and his wife Helen on January 28, 1978. It is especially valuable to Carnegie Mellon for it supports instruction in science, engineering, fine arts and design. The collection is used regularly by classes and students and scholars from a wide range of area schools.

May 2004 marked the opening of Posner Center, a gift of Henry and Helen Posner Jr. in memory of his parents. The facility is located on the Carnegie Mellon campus between the College of Fine Arts and the Tepper School of Business, facing Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall and the tennis courts.

Mr. and Mrs. Posner Jr. also provided funds to support digitization of the collection, which was completed in 2005. The Posner Fine Arts Foundation, directed by daughter-in-law Anne Molloy, further supports active use of the collection as an educational tool by funding internships for Carnegie Mellon students, who propose research in the collection and create exhibits.

By placing the collection at Carnegie Mellon where it can be properly housed and cared for, the Posner family has provided the Pittsburgh community with the opportunity to share, enjoy and learn from these wonderful books. Moreover, the Posner family's love of learning, and appreciation of finely crafted books as objects of art, will benefit future generations of students.

Note: Quotations on these pages are from letters in Mr. Posner's correspondence files which he kept for each title in the collection. The files were transferred to the Carnegie Mellon Libraries in 1978.

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