The Collection of the Family of
Henry Posner Sr.

Henry Posner Sr. and his wife Ida M. Posner were the collectors of the books and art in the Posner Memorial Collection. The collection was established by Helen and Henry Posner Jr. at Carnegie Mellon University in 1978.

During their lifetimes, Mr. and Mrs. Posner Sr. traveled widely and acquired rare books, carved ivory, jade and other items of fine art, which are now housed in Posner Center on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University.

Nearly all of the books in Posner Memorial Collection are available in fulltext online.

Henry Posner Sr. as Collector

The Collection

The Importance of the Collection

Establishment of the Posner Memorial Collection


January 2006

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Based on the publication:
"The Collection of the Family of Henry Posner Sr." (Carnegie Mellon University Libraries, 1991)

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